A coversation between a an African
teacher and a student.
Teacher: What is 5-3?
Student:5’because it is the biggest number.
Teacher:Excellent.I will continue to pollute your kind until I get my salary in full.

Shattered Rhythm

Title: Shattered Rhythm Series: Meltdown Series #3 Author: RB Hilliard Genre: Romantic Suspense / Rock Release Date: November 30, 2017 Cover Model: Andrew England Chaz Jones’ life hasn’t been easy. Meltdown’s newest drummer doesn’t give a damn about anything except for his kit, his sticks and his throne. Music offers him a way out […]

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Marvel’s Inhumans Season 1: Sending Maximus A Message — Sound Books

Tonight is the penultimate episode of Marvel’s Inhumans. If you’re not caught up, then you shouldn’t watch the clip below… and I’m running this a bit late, so the folks on the East Coast have already seen it… but it’s a pretty powerful scene… more after the image. Here we see the corpse of Gorgon […]

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